Meet our impact partners

We work with incredible organisations that focus on sanitation and water in the communities that need it most. We chose these partners because we felt like our dollars would have the greatest impact in their hands. We operate under a non-restricting funding model, this means we don’t tell our partners how they should spend their donations. As much as we love toilets, we’re not the experts. We trust our partners and believe them to be the experts in their field. Working with a multitude of high-impact organisations means that we are one wipe closer to our ultimate goal: toilets for everyone.

Without further ado, our partners:

WaterAid Australia and WaterAid America

WaterAid works with local governments to improve access to clean water, toilets, and hygienic sanitation in order to break the cycles of poverty in the developing world.  


Sanergy works within Africa’s informal dwellings (aka slums) to provide affordable, maintainable sanitation systems and reliable toilets.  

Lwala Community Alliance

Lwala focuses on a holistic, community-driven strategy for health and wellness. They work cross-functionally to support better education, sanitation and economic growth.

Shofco - Shining Hope for Communities

SHOFCO works in Kenya’s impoverished urban centers to make clean water, education, and emergency medical care affordable and accessible. They are best known for their aerial water pipes, which allow clean water to flow through pipes overhead, eliminating the risk of tampering or contamination.  


WaterSHED focuses on building sanitation systems that expand the market for sustainable, inclusive and efficient hygiene products in struggling communities. Their goal is to create self-sustaining, thriving local businesses that provide clean water to a, empowered consumer base. 

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