Whitening agents

Traditional chlorine, commonly known as bleach, is a harsh chemical that is often used for commercial whitening (or making cool jeans, if you live in the 80s).  Because bleach isn’t necessary to create sanitary TP (and we care about your delicate bum), we choose to whiten our products with gentler options. Our recycled toilet paper is whitened and strengthened with hydrogen peroxide (H202), an eco-friendly alternative that turns back into water (H20) when the manufacturing process is finished. Our bamboo is whitened with elemental-free chlorine. Our chlorine, unlike its traditional cousin, is chemically bound to oxygen so it doesn't bioaccumulate. That just means living things don’t absorb it, so it’s a lot better for the environment. 

You may be wondering why we whiten at all, and that’s a great question! We do it because, for the most part, that’s what customers expect. We’ve yet to come across a single non-whitened recycled tissue anywhere on the market, but we know it would look pretty funky. And rumour has it that people get uncomfortable when their loo rolls aren’t sparkly white. Our goal is to appeal to the widest audience possible so we can maximise our charitable impact. 
At the same time, we do think it’s important to be a leader in bringing the most environmentally conscious products to our customers. Making non-whitened bamboo TP is something we’ve always wanted to do, but we’ve worried that the demand wouldn’t be worth the financial burden on our supply chain. If you’d be interested in a non-whitened bamboo roll, give us a shout so we can fully explore our options! Enter your email address below and we’ll keep you updated on our research! 
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